What is Jointli?

Jointli is an end-to-end shared ownership platform that helps people set up and manage co-ownership of any type of expensive and underutilized item (like a boat, RV, or vacation home). For people looking to co-own something, it's a social marketplace of co-ownership opportunities designed to help people find and connect with potential partners. For established co-ownerships, it's a comprehensive web-based app that makes managing the logistics of shared ownership easy, providing scheduling, expense tracking and reimbursement, issue tracking, collaboration and voting, and much more.

Shared ownership?

The concept of shared ownership is simple. A group of like-minded people get together and pool their resources to purchase and own something together. Each co-owner gets an equal share of usage, and pays an equal share of expenses. For something like a boat, RV, or vacation home, which are never fully utilized by a single owner, it's a way to cut the cost of ownership at least in half while still using your shared item as much as you would if you owned it by yourself. It's also a way to multiply your purchasing power. Imagine what you could afford to own when you have three or four times the budget and all of your ongoing costs are split three or four ways.

How does it work?

The first step is connecting with co-owners. Respond to an existing co-ownership opportunity in Jointli's marketplace, or post a new one describing what you're looking to co-own and how many co-owners you're looking for. It may be something that you're looking to purchase, or something you already own but aren't fully utilizing.

Once you've found and gotten to know your co-owners, generate your customized co-ownership agreement that covers all the "what-ifs", sign with your co-owners, and purchase your shared item.

Once you're up and running, use Jointli's management app to handle the logistics. Schedule usage of your shared item, share expenses, track issues, tasks, and maintenance, collaborate and vote on decisions, and much more.

Learn more about Jointli's social marketplace or management app, or tap the collective experience of the Jointli community.

Once you've signed up be sure to check out Shared Ownership 101, our free step-by-step guide to setting up a co-ownership using Jointli's unique platform.

Why now?

Jointli was founded to fill a void. As we venture into the 21st century, our current paradigm of hyper-consumption and owning as much "stuff" as we can is being replaced with a new paradigm of collaborative consumption. Sharing is the new owning. It gives people access to a lifestyle that they otherwise might not be able to afford, and it reduces waste. A vacation home that sits empty 90% of the time, or a boat that sits at the dock 28 days out of the month isn't doing anyone much good.

People have been forming partnerships to co-own expensive items for decades, but until now they were on their own when it came to finding the right partners, setting up a partnership, and managing the logistics of owning a shared item. Usage of the item needs to be managed so that each partner gets their fair share of time. Expenses need to be tracked and shared by members of the partnership. Partners need to communicate and collaborate to make decisions.

The benefits of shared ownership are compelling, but it’s been too difficult for most of us to set up on our own. Joinlti makes the entire process easy, and puts shared ownership within anyone’s reach. It is the industrialization of shared ownership.

Company Info

Founded By: Paul Citarella
Inception: 2011
Based In: New York, NY

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