Maule M7 260C 2004, 288 hours TT, One Owner, Ordered New from Maule Factory. Based in Novato Ca., 94945, KDVO

I ordered and bought this Maule brand new in 2004. It has a total time of 288 hours. The engine was replaced with a BRAND NEW FACTORY ENGINE at 117 hours because the original was defective. The original engine was found to have rust in the cylinder walls at the 1st annual, because it was not preserved correctly.  ThisFACTORY NEW engine has 171 hours TT.  This new engine does NOT have any crankshaft AD to be complied with.  It was built after the series of Lycoming engines that have that requirement.

 It is a wide stance main--gear with a scott tailwheel, and has a 3 blace scemitar prop.

This airplane was only flown by RAY MAULE for two hours for certification and then only by me for the last 286 hours.  I own my hanger and this airplane has always been hangered. It has all options, Full IFR, with a Garmin 430, Garmin 250, Century HSI, JPI 800 engine monitor, S-TEC 30 auto pilot with altitude hold, Garmin 330 GTX transponder with traffic, pms 7000 audiopanel, leather interior, full visibility plexiglass doors, moon-roof, leather interior, double puck brakes, 85 gallon fuel tanks, VG's, dual pulse landing lights, and an AOA angle of attack indicator.  This airplane is still like BRAND NEW, and I have many photos of it's last annual so you can see every single nut and bolt throughout the airframe and engine looks new.

Iam interested in sharing this airplane with one or two other proficient tailwheel pilots that would like to buy 1/2 or 1/3 interest.   

New Maule M7 260C aircraft with these same options price out at over $285,000


Share Type: New partnership
Item Type: Aircraft (Single Engine)
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Value: $192,000
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Posted By:Rich Elb
6 years ago

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