2008 Twin Vee 29' center console

I am looking for someone who wld like to co own a commercial fishing charterboat... The boat will operate from March to Aug as a charter fishing boat. The other 6 mo the boat will operate as a commercial fishing boat..targeting tuna,snapper ,grouper ,ajs.etc..... Fishing the boat yr round will generate over 150k a yr.... The benifits will include. The boat will be maintained, It will pay for itself, Owners will be able to go fish anytime they like. Owners will share percentages of the profits. The 36 twinn vee is ideal for this although the 29 will do.  



Share Type: New partnership
Item Type: Boat (Power)
Total #
of Owners:

Value: $58,000
On the Web: www.usedboatyard.com/usedboat/2008TwinVee_86712.html


from... www.usedboatyard.com

Posted By:captain Marty
5 years ago

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