1996 37ft. Mainship Aft. Cabin Motor Yacht

Existing 4 owners have been sharing the boat for just over a year (9 shares).  I have all documents and financial reports from the first year available.  3 owners have 33% and the remaining owner 66%.  66% owner is willing to sell up to 5 of their current shares at $11,000 per share.  Original 11% (1 share)owners put in $12,000 to purchase and close on vessel.  Each 11% (1 share)owner gets 5 weeks a year use.  Anticipated costs each year per share is $3,000.  Boat was maintained for approx. $24,000 for first year.  Boat spends approx. 5 months in Ft. Lauderdale area and 6 Months in Palm Coast area.  Dock location is subject to majority approval. 

Group has considered putting the boat on charter which "should" cover all yearly costs going forward.  Each share would probably get 3 weeks use per year rather than 5.  Times might be harder to work out. 


Share Type: Existing partnership seeking partners
Item Type: Boat (Power)
Total #
of Owners:

Value: $11,000
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Posted By:John Westervelt
3 years ago

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