Used 2014 American Heritage 45T

My wife and I live in Brooksville Florida. We travel every summer to Breckenridge Colorado to our RV site which we own from June to September.  We do this every year (since 2005) so we need the coach during those 4 months. We would be flexible the rest of the time. This would be awesome if you are a snow skier as our Lot in Breckenridge would be a great place for you to spend 4 months in the winter.

 Ideally it would be great for us to have the Coach available at other times but we are flexible other than the summer months. Never tried something like this but would be interested in discussing this option with someone.

 Perhaps you want to winter in Florida? This might be a good opportunity. If that's the case our RV would probably never see ice or snow.



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Item Type: Motor Vehicle (RV)
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Posted By:Gary E. Schraut
1 year ago

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