Used 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor

I have a 1 owner 1999 HR 38WD with 90K in excellent condition . New tires etc etc etc. This was purchased brand new by a noted  Los Alamos ,NM scientist who took immaculate care of his unit, immaculate!I am looking to become a 3 party owner. I can furnish more info and pics if need be, I just signed onto this concept so, plz forgive me if I am not thorough enough, I will be happy to oblige with any requests.

I am asking for $15k from each person. I am easy to work with and honesty and a handshake is the most important to me, of course a contract must be in place but I am looking for 2 individuals/partners who keep their word.




Share Type: New partnership
Item Type: Motor Vehicle (RV)
Total #
of Owners:

Value: $49,900
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Posted By:Joseph Garcia
1 year ago

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