How to block spam emails in Sbcglobal Email account ?

Followthese steps to block spam emails in Sbcglobal email account:- 

  • First users are required to login to their AT&T email account

  • It is now required to choose gear icon, and should select “Settings” which is at the top-right corner of the page

  • Also,there is need to select “Banned Addresses” from the left-hand menu

  • Users may now enter the email address that they will like to block in the “Add an address field”

  • Choose the “Ban” button and then should select option for “Save”

  • Email address will now get blocked, individual will now not able to receive email messages from that address

Theremay be some individuals who may not find the above steps helpful,theyare required to connect with Sbcglobaltech support number.Afterdialling it,individual will be in direct contact of the expertsteam.Experts will first try tounderstand the users issue and then suggest them with some usefulsolution.Users could never get disappointed at any point of time.

SbcglobalToll Free Number – 1-844-819-3386

Visithere for more detail :-


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