BREAKING: Chennai Super Kings have announced their captain for IPL 2018

For Chennai Super Kings fans across the world, today has been a good day, with the IPL council finally coming to consensus with regards to the retention policy, allowing CSK and RR to retain(or use the Right to Match card) a maximum of 5 players from the team that was disintegrated in 2015.

Ever since CSK’s and RR’s return to the IPL had been finalised, there were a lot of rumours as to how the player retention policy would be formulated, and if MS Dhoni could ever play for CSK again.

But IPL governing council’s new retention policy came as a huge relief for CSK fans, as MS Dhoni is now almost certain to play for CSK in IPL 2018. Now, the biggest question that presents itself is that who will captain CSK in the next edition of the IPL, to which the CSK director said that MS Dhoni in all likelihood will be captain again.

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“We are very happy about it. But we haven’t applied our mind to it right now but we are extremely happy about it. (On MS Dhoni coming back to CSK as captain) Obvious, yes. It is a very obvious choice but we have not applied our mind beyond that,” said CSK Director, George John.

George John then commented on how CSK is not thinking too much about whom to retain as of now, and is content with the ‘Retention policy’ put forth by the IPL Governing Council.

“We are happy with this. Thirteen players are there (from the 2015 squad), so we are fine with it,” said George John.

It will be interesting to see how CSK and RR will approach the entire situation now. The 2018 auction is going to be one interesting one.


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